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Felicia Tiki Catron

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Massage and Energy Work are my passion and gift that I want to share with others. TOUCH is IMPORTANT in LIFE. HELPING to HEAL someone else through TOUCH is a BLESSING. My journey in massage started years ago by way of the Military. I served 20 years in the Navy Medical field working in hospitals and clinics treating Navy and Marine Corp personnel as well as retirees and dependents. I realized there was a need for people to have more options for their health and well being, I decided to expand my knowledge  through massage. I had no idea what it would entailed, but I wanted to assist as many people as I could to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Through the years I've learned various techniques, I am a Licensed Massage Tech and have vast knowledge of methods to relieve pain, give better range of motion, and give my clients a feeling of calm and peace. I continue to learn new and exciting methods of massage and body work to ensure my clients have a variety of the highest quality services. Upon graduating from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy School in Phoenix, AZ, I worked at the Renaissance Hotel & Spa for 3 years. I've worked on hotel guest, professional Football and Hockey players. I
tailor my massages to meet each guest specific needs. Also introducing "Thai Massage" to the menu of services offered at Spa Botanical. 

Charli McBride (Certified Angel/Oracle Card Reader)


I have been a Tarot Card/ Oracle card reader for over 25 years, a certified Angel card reader since 2012, and a person of intuitive insight for as long as I can remember. I come from a very long line of very intuitive women and feel grateful that I continue this tradition. My readings are very interpersonal as the cards tell me which deck wants to give my client a message. I have never questioned it because the deck chosen resonates with my client on some level. My readings are based on the betterment of my client with the information that is presented to me through the cards and messages I receive during their reading.

My readings are to inform, confirm, inspire, and realize the options my client may have. I have participated as a reader and Reiki Master at the Purple Sage for Reiki Day since 2013 and at the Arden Faire since 2012, as well as other events that I have the opportunity to happily add my skills to. I also am the co-founder of Lotus... Mind, Body, & Spirit, a traveling spa service that caters to clients for Reiki, massage, and readings. I am also available for private readings if you prefer. I look forward to sitting down with you for a reading.